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Feb 10, 2021 6:37 PM

Michaela Gile
I think we have a pretty big problem.....  NAR told us that we can not advertise our listings any more unless they are in official Coming Soon status or of course Active with the caveat that in-house advertisement is quite alright for every "pocket" listing. I was saying it then already that this gives the big box guys an unfair advantage and will not stop pocket listings. Back then there were already whispers of Zillow becoming a brokerage. Now they are a brokerage and do you think they will build out their pocket listings as something consumers can only get from them? Of course they will, other big box guys were talking about it then too. Now Zillow can do this officially and do you honestly think they will not profit from that? In light of all we have seen in 2020 and so far in 2021 I am trying hard to shake the feeling of corruption .... Anyway, Zillow also owns dotloop, which allows for tons of data scraping and no, I don't believe them if they say they don't do that. Have you checked into ShowingTime lately and seen all the data and stats they have? It's a LOT! It's good data. ShowingTime is now owned by Zillow. That means that Zillow has even more of our clients data. Obviously they will use it. They are building a monopoly and NAR is seemingly standing by. Why isn't NAR doing something about this? There are obviously problems with a giant brokerage owning Dotloop and ShowingTime both of which are used widely by all other brokerages. How is this even legal? 
I actually expect that MAR and SPAAR come up with a different system that they will offer to us that we can use instead of ShowingTime. I mean the thought should have crossed NAR's minds already to build their own, but I doubt that this is what they are thinking about, they have been busy virtue signaling. Do I sound frustrated? Yes, yes, I am very frustrated. So much politics so little help for us Realtors®. I am hoping that SPAAR and MAR will find something else we can use instead of ShowingTime like Sentrilock or Instashowing or something and that yesterday if possible. Nobody would want to have to go through KW, CB, Edina or any brokerage to set their showings and hand over even more of their data, that would be absurd. So why is this even allowed??? What are SPAAR and MAR doing about this? I have no confidence in NAR at all, so I am not even considering them... I'd leave them if that were a possibility and I could still have MLS access. I love my local association, but if I could I'd run from NAR - I can hear the gasps from many but there are also many others who would also like to leave.... so it is up to SPAAR and MAR to give us an alternative to ShowingTime. If that can't be worked out very soon, I am not going to use ShowingTime anymore, in this day and age of online calendars it's all possible but it would be much nicer if it would be something thats easily accessible for every agent. Zillow is already a gigantic powerhouse of data and it keeps getting more and more.

Michaela Gile
Real Estate Broker
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